Shop Anywhere


Find and engage new customers  through brilliant innovation. Increase your revenue through marketing based on performance. Get results proportional to your marketing efforts.


Shop Anywhere is a suite of Apps allowing you to choose the option(s) that suit you best.


Measurable Results

Analyse your marketing performance through our comprehensive analytical reporting tools. No more blindfolded marketing.


We provide accommodation providers with all the tools necessary to execute an effective digital marketing campaign. These tools include custom or turnkey products we have developed. This, combined with our 360 Degree digital marketing services, we are able to provide a complete industry specific solution to our accommodation providers.


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Our solutions  focuses on delivering…..

More Revenue to your Business

We design and develop our applications with the aim to generate revenue.  Our modular approach (see Modules) allows you to plugin the revenue generating modules best suited for your establishment.

Increased Loyalty from your customers

Creating a great experience for your customers is one way of getting them to come back. Showing your appreciation through a rewards system is another way to get customers returning.

New Business

Our solid digital Marketing Strategies are created to attract new visitors to our digital platforms. Specializing in consumer behavior, we use sophisticated marketing tactics to draw and convert visitors into paying clients.

Our clients have the option of selecting one or more of our digital platforms for their establishment(s)


Responsive Website

All websites are developed to take the mobile market into consideration. All designs are responsive (website will scale to any device)

Mobi Website

A mobi site is a website that we develop specifically for mobile devices. If you already have a website and do not want to re-develop the website based on on responsive design, we will construct a mobi website for you. All users accessing your existing website through any mobile devices will automatically be redirected to the mobi site. This will ensure a great mobile experience.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps for the following platforms. Mobile apps provides native integration with the phone to deliver a greater end user experience.

  • Apple
  • Android

Our standard features offers the ideal medium for encouraging immediate conversions (loyalty and revenue generating opportunity through upfront payment for bookings)

Branding Options

Individual Branding

The individual branding option is suited for the establishment who requires their own identity and branding. All the above platforms can be leveraged to accomplish self branding.

Group Branding

A group of properties can also leverage the above platforms for their own group identity or branding. All properties are combined under the group umbrella with the Group’s identity being prominent.

Shared Branding

Similar to an OTA, your property is listed with all other properties. The same functionality for revenue generation exists as with Individual and Group Branding.

Core Module

The core module includes core functionality such as …..

  • Shop Listing
  • Facilities Listing
  • General Information
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Information including interactive map directions


Get your clients to purchase online or even in-store with our web and mobile technology. Talk to us about our secure payment gateway offering.

Loyalty Module

Loyalty Stamp Card now Mobilized

Get customers to come back to your store by encouraging loyalty with our Mobile Stampcard.



Offer your clients time based deals for far less than other popular Deal systems. Up front payment. You decide when you want to run your deals.

To complete our Digital Solution, we offer a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Service.

Investing in the products alone is like running half a marathon. You need the marketing component to make our solution 100% effective.

We offer a host of marketing services through our marketing Partner, 360 Online Marketing, that are generic to all of our Turnkey Solutions….



Creating an active relationship between a brand and its customers has been made immeasurably easier with the development of various social media channels in recent years. A brand’s marketing team no longer owns the brand’s message in its entirety with the emergence of review sites, blogs, video channels, micro-blogging sites and more. Consumers have countless means to share their immediate thoughts about a brand experience and its important to understand how this can work to the advantage of your brand.

An individual’s experience with your brand can have wide-reaching implications on potential customers but brands also now have the opportunity to engage with consumers in new and exciting ways. A business can now turn a casual visitor into an informed buyer.

By creating conversation in and around qualified threads of a discussion or trend. Twitter has the ability to bring a new dimension to conversations, we are now able to infiltrate a conversation about a subject or trend that brings your brand closer to a new and yet identified target audience.

Having a presence on social media as a business is fast becoming a necessity, using these tools to gain better insight into your customer base and what messaging is working for your brand. Major social media sites allow brands to garner impressive and loyal followings, establishing online communities ready to engage and share your content. Social media is also becoming increasingly important for website optimisation as search engines increase their focus on social signals as factors for how high a website will rank in search results.



Enhancing traditional marketing practices, content marketing strives to create content in all its forms that will continue to generate interest for longer periods of time than once-off announcements. This involves creating content around a brand that talks about issues, traits and other items of interest linked to the brand, but does not take a hard-sell approach.

Creating blog posts, e-mail newsletters, online videos, podcasts and slide shows to share with your potential customers all form part of a content marketing strategy. Pushing this relevant and timeous content out to potential customers on social media is an ideal way to disseminate this information once compiled. Customers will naturally share relevant and compelling content across your networks, creating an informed and loyal group of customers.

No matter what the format, content marketing provides content that customers want, in exchange for attention. This is what separates content marketing from traditional advertising.



Including an online marketing campaign is integral to a business’s overall online marketing strategy. An online marketing campaign aims to reach as many potential customers as possible while keeping your current client base involved and engaged.

Determining a campaign’s objectives and target audience is the start of this online marketing initiative. After this, a plan is compiled that calls for creative innovation and measurable results. A mix of platforms will be used and are important in influencing the outcome of the campaign and its overall objectives.



By creating a lead generation strategy that compliments our clients’ businesses, we are able to align online marketing efforts with real lead generation opportunities. Through the use of various online platforms, 360 Online will drive targeted leads and create more engaging lead acquisition opportunities for your sales team.

The creation of an online sale funnel will also further conversion of these sales lead by helping determine the best process to manage new leads and turn them into actual business for each of our clients.



Placing online advertising can often be confusing for our clients. With a myriad of option like pay-per-click ads or impression-based campaigns, 360 Online navigates our clients to the best options for their campaign.

Combining online adverting across various platforms including blogs, article marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, YouTube marketing, social media marketing and joint marketing agreements we are able to determine the best campaign reach for a client. In some cases, we may even use offline tactics to extend the reach of a successful campaign.



Online influencers have become a key factor when planning your online marketing strategy. Bloggers, significant online community figures and even certain brands create influence over their followers. By aligning an influencer to your brand and creating an online advocate for your business, you are able to better engage with their audience and your own.

Understanding your opposition’s influencer marketing can also help you better plan how to develop your online marketing strategy. By selecting online brand ambassadors and monitoring any conversation around your business, you have the ability to steer conversation to your brand’s positive points, in turn growing awareness for potential customers.



Monitoring, evaluating and analysing each component of your online marketing strategy are an essential step in gaining better understanding into potential customers. With comprehensive, meaningful reporting on these components, you be able to readily and quickly make any changes or enhancements to your online marketing campaigns.



Using creative design to improve your online brand image across digital platforms in a necessity. 360 Online’s design team is able to assist with engaging design that will enhance you brand’s look across social media platforms, online advertising spaces and e-mail newsletters.



With the increasing number of users accessing the Internet and its associated communication means through their mobile device, an increasing urgency is being placed on brands to fashion responsive and functional mobile marketing campaigns.